Inglés Actividades 1º BTO

This is the link to the presentation on the Future 1 that we studied last year.

 Please check it, as we are going to learn and study the new future tenses that are slightly different to those ones.

 And here come the other two verbal tenses for the future that we are studying this school year. Please pay attention to their uses and form:




Apart from the list of suggestions we have given you this week (19th-22nd December), remember you have this list of links to more practice on skills:




Here you have some instructions for you to talk about a picture. You should be able to speak about it for two minutes. Don't forget to follow all the steps. Piece of cake!

YEAR 1 BACC- Compulsory reading

 And to finish with today, here is the link to the compulsory reading and the activities you have to do before and while you read it. 

The Curious Incident of the Dog in thte Night-time, by Mark Haddon

YEAR 1 BACC- Writing pack and Connectors

Hi again. 

Those are the links where you can download:

- Writing Pack - Download it and keep it at home.

- Activities on connectors  - Please start doing the exercises today. On Friday 11th, we will have a look at them. If you need help with connectors, you can check the information in the writing pack or on the Internet. 

Bye for now!!

YEAR 1 BACC- Risky jobs

 Please finish answering the questions on your photocopy after you have read the information and watched the videos:

- Hostage negotiator: 

- Forensic engineer:

- Stuntman:


YEAR 1 BACC- "Dangerous" verbal tenses

We devote this entry to slides connected to the verbal tenses in the unit on "danger".

Eventhough you have studied all those verbal tenses repeatedly in ESO, I advise you to check them carefully at home for the 2nd November. 

Year 1 Bacc- The DNA Journey

Hi again.

Those are the videos you have to watch in order to finish the activities on your worksheet:



I also include the videos that we have watched and worked on at school today, just in case you want to watch them again and complete your information grid:


We upload some videos and activities so that you can practise your listening and writing comprehension at home. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE SUBTITLES. 

1- Watch the video and associate the animals with the adjectives using THIS WORKSHEET.


2- Watch this video on handwriting and personality traits. Write a composition giving your point of view on this question: Does your handwriting actually show how you really are?

In order to help you with your writing skills, we include THIS DOCUMENT that most of you already know. Please print it and follow the tips.

YEAR 1 BACC. - Describing people

 Hi, Year 1 Baccalaureate students.

This is the vocabulary you will need on Wednesday in order to describe heroes/heroines. It is only a list of words you have already studied in ESO, but make sure you remember their meanings. If you have any doubts, please check them up in a dictionary (

I also include the presentation that we will be using on Wednesday (just in case you need some extra time to elaborate your oral speech and you want to write some drafts at home), and two videos on people describing their personal heroes, to help you find some inspiration.



Besides, I embed a presentation to revise the basic verbal tenses that we need to describe people, and a video just in case you need some extra help.




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