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Speaking Project

Hi guys!!

It's high time to start working on the speaking project. Here you have all the instructions.

Please, don't hesitate to ask your teacher if you have any question.










YEAR 1 BACC.- Videos unit 6

 Those are the videos we have watched in class. 

Can you predict Katy Perry's weather forecast? | UNICEF from natalialzam on Vimeo.


YEAR 1 BACC.-The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time: Final video


You have time to finish the book until 17th April. On that date, you should either bring to school a personal video about the book in your pendrive, or upload your video to your Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Sync, pCloud, Box, Mega or any other storage platform and send the link to the teacher.

The video should comply with the following requirements:

-          It will last between 2-4 minutes.

-          You won’t read during the recording, but explain the main topics. You will record the video in such a way that this is clearly depicted. If it is not obvious enough, we can ask you to repeat the recording.

And the following content:

- A summary of the book, with special emphasis on the last chapters.

- A general description of each one of the characters.

- Your personal opinion, giving arguments to explain why you liked/didn’t like it and using specific adjectives, and a recommendation, including the type of readers that might enjoy the book and why.



The indicators for the assessment will be the following:


Content: Plot and characters

Grammar and vocabulary

Pronunciation, intonation

Opinion and Recommendation

Technical aspects

4 points

2 points

2 points

2         points


- You use your own words to summarise the story.

- You include important information, and it is relevant to understand the story.

- You include the description of the main characters.

- You explain who is your favourite character and why.

- Why are they relevant for the story?

- All this information is well organised and easy to understand.





- You use appropriate grammar and vocabulary.

- You use your own expressions, not copied.

-  You obviously understand what you are saying.

- Grammar is correct.

- Pronunciation and intonation make your review interesting.

- You show enthusiasm and it is nice to hear you talking about the book.

-What you say is easy to understand.

- You give your personal opinion about the book.  

- You include a recommendation, type of readers that will enjoy the book and why.

Originality and creativity.


Special effects or features.




YEAR 1 BACC.- Revising pronouns and Perfect Continuous tenses

In order to revise pronouns and make sure you use them properly, we suggest you have a look at those pages:

- General information: 

- Online activities:


Furthermore, if you want to check the Present Perfect Continuous and Past Perfect Continous tenses, please click here:

- General information:

- Online activities:


Extra materials: Modal verbs (with key)

Are you worried about modal verbs and how to use them?

Here you have some exercises to practice! Check your mistakes immediately, because the key is included!

Enjoy! =)

YEAR 1 BACC.- Travelling

 We will start by revising what we already know from last year:


Now, you can practise your listening skills here:
YEAR 1 BACC. - Speaking Project 2nd Term



 Hi again.

We include some videos, presentations and sound files so that you can revise content and improve your listening skills.

 British English VS. American English:



CANADA: Watch the video and answer the questions.

CITIES IN THE USA: Listen and answer the questions.



Check the video for revision:

Just some basic aspects of the video you should take into account:

Lucy mentions that there exist modals (may, might, must, can, could, will, would, shall, should) and semi-modals (be able to, ought to, need to, have to). Remember we are studying both types at the same time. You have the complete list with examples and information on your student's book, pages 122-123.

Lucy explains also the auxiliary verb shall, that is not on page 122. Shall is also very commonly used for.

As the chart on page 122 is really clear enough, I am not going to upload or photocopy any other so as not to confuse you. Just include shall on your list for offers, confirmation or promises. 

Finally, we are also including perfect modals this year (we didn't study them on Year 4 ESO). Watch these two videos:



Finally, I include the link to the padlet with songs using modal verbs that we created last year:

And some practice:

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