Inglés Contenidos mínimos 1ºBACHILLERATO

Vocabulario relativo a personality and appearance, phrasal verbs, compound adjectives,dangerous situations.adjectives suffixes, -ed/-ing adjectives, sport and achievement, verb collocations, idioms,buildings, want + infinitive, want + object + infinitive, British / American English, wildlife, prefixes, idioms, weather, gerunds and infinitives, noun collocations, travel, nouns suffixes, honesty, adjectives+ prepositions, emtertainment, used to / be used to / get used, connectors of sequence and time expressions, connectors of addition and contrast, connectors of cause and result,connectors of purpose.

Estructuras gramaticales: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, Present Perfect simple, Future Simple, be going to, Future Continuous, Future Perfect Simple, relative clauses, modals, modal perfects, first, second and third conditional, time clauses,the Passive, the Causative, Reported Speech, reporting verbs.